Part One: on going…

The Good. The Bad. Existence.

BF42E519-FF12-47E3-AD31-427486C2AE9D.jpegSo we left off with me getting visitation with my biological father. So everything was going very well with visitation for a while. He would come down to Fall River Mass, and bring us up to Boston. We’d have to come back the same day, but it was so fun. My uncle use to come down with my father. We would go to the arcade and the park up and any other “fun” activity to a child. He would even take us to Amtrak where he worked, and go on the trains. I’ am not quite sure what he did there though. The trains and having a father that worked there was the coolest thing to me. Those visit to his job and just the visit in general were the only things that made me feel like my non foster child. It was really hard to not have parents like…

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What have I been up to?

as I told you before I have been recovering my life. The little foster child of the past has blossomed since becoming in tune with my body. It’s amazing what an illness can make you aware of. The pain, the characteristics of people, the love you have for a hobby. The love for a person. It’s all different now. For once, this is a good different. It’s not the same pain that I had when my momma disappeared when I went into the system. The confidence I have in myself is rather bigger than ever. Though not were I want it to be it’s better.  Sometimes life isn’t all good and I learned that’s okay as well.